The diminutive Micro is the smallest and lightest sound barrier, making it ideally suited to security installations where space is at a premium. The Micro contains an identical sound generator to that found in the more powerful Intenso. It also shares the same rugged aluminium/stainless-steel casing - albeit slightly shorter due to it containing four (as opposed to the Intenso's eight) transducers (sirens).

Micro 1200

Typical applications:

The Micro is typically installed in situations where physical space constraints preclude the installation of the larger Intenso model. Also specified in situations where protection is required for a relatively small area (for example, inside a vehicle) that simply does not require the more powerful Intenso model. Examples include server cabinets, retail display cabinets, storage cupboards, vehicles.

Technical summary:

Protective capability Up to 35m2
Acoustic effect 122-124dB
Dimensions 450mm x 106mm x 40mm
Weight 1.4kg
Battery 9.6V, 1800mAh, Ni-MH

Data sheet:

Downloadexternal link the Micro data sheet with complete technical specifications.