Sonic Security Limited was formed in 2008 and is a privately owned New Zealand company. The business is the exclusive Australasian rights holder for the unique range of security systems produced by Indusec AB of Sweden. Their high technology Inferno light and sound barriers integrate with existing security alarm systems with ease, and significantly boost the level of protection and security provided.

The speed of recent technological developments has provided Sonic Security the opportunity to capitalize on the globally unique security system that is light and sound barriers. There are currently no other security devices capable of forcibly evicting an intruder from a protected area, and as such, Sonic Security is uniquely positioned to deliver this incredible advantage to a wide range of clients.

The parent company, Indusec AB of Stockholm is at the cutting edge of security technology, and is constantly developing and refining technology to best protect their clients assets. In particular, Indusec is focused on the development of "less-than-lethal" technology that concentrates on disrupting and/or disturbing the intruder's physiology. Sonic Security looks forward to working closely with Indusec AB, the world innovator in high-tech security barrier systems.

Sonic Security prides itself on being an innovator, and offering unique and highly effective solutions to security problems that simply can't be solved by conventional means. We thank you for supporting us, and look forward to assisting you improve security, safety and peace of mind in all areas of your existence.

Matthew Adams

Director, Sonic Security